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October 2013 Reviews

Won this Wireless IP Camera on the last bid I had! Amazing!!! Just to let you know that my winning bid was only $7.98! Richard



I won this boat for $12.68 plus 30 bids this package usually cost $166.99. another great win from HappyBidDay. It is one awesome boat and makes a great gift. Wwell gotta go and take the boat out with my son today. Tony

September 2013 Reviews

Hi there all you HappyBidDay bidders, if your not you should be! You can get a lot of great things at a great price! I have enjoyed bidding and winning. Here is one of great things I have won on HappyBidDay.com. This is a Blu- Ray Dvd Player. I paid $1.61 plus my bids (about 20 bids)- I’m still amazed by it. I am always looking forward to getting on this site and seeing what I can win next! It really is enjoyable for me. Hope to see all of you at HappyBidDay.com! Kenneth
I just won this great amazon gift card on happybidday.com and got it for a great price, can’t wait to use to get more great stuff and to win more for cheap. Thank you happybidday.com! Diana


I just won this great Olive Garden gift card on happybidday.com for really cheap! So excited and can’t wait to use it. I got it for almost 75% off so makes eating there even better! I can’t wait to win more. Thank you so much happybidday.com! Heather

I got this (FreshSaver) for only $1.01. Great deal!



I won this awesome little speaker awhile back and have been trying to win some bid packs recently, using my free bids. I finally accomplished my goal, now I can get in there and win some amazing stuff! Richard


Pictured with a Coby High Definition TV and DVD Player. TV and added bids in this auction retailed for $209.99, and I purchased it for $3.29. <3 you guys! You have my support. Leila


I won a $ 25 Amazon Gift card & 50 bids for only $3.42 that’s great.


August 2013 Reviews

I just keep winning its fun come join me.



I am very glad today to get my $15 Walmart gift card which I won for $1.09 only. I am proud to join Happybidday. This is first time I ever won any auction. I would recommend everyone to join and try Happybidday, and a great chance for beginner to try bidding. Arti

I won it was great. First day using it. Been on it every day checking out the great things to bid on happybidday.com. Rob


This is great! I won a Visual Land 7L Tablet (Red) + 50 Bids for only $36.44. Normally you would pay this much for just one good video game. This is the first penny auction site that I have participated in and I could definitely say that it is worth the time and effort to play. Slow and steady wins the race! Emanuel

Wow check this out. I just won this helicopter for a $1.11. It cost less than the gas it would take to go to the store and buy one. I also got 50 bids back that would of cost me $50. gotta love happybidday penny auctions. Tony

July 2013 Reviews

I got some free bids when I joined HappyBidDay and with those free bids I bidded and won free penny bids with those bids I won 2 gift cards. I have seen the light come join me in getting some great stuff. You won’t be sorry. Tanya

Heath won 2 silver bars, a DeWalt Drill and and a Wii among other products on HappyBidDay.com. You can see his review and others like it on the HappyBidDay YouTube channel!


This.. Just arrived today and I absolutely love it..A Desktop usb Aquarium with all kinds of neat gadgets… Best of all I won it for 1.14!Shari


So a Huge THANK YOU to HappyBidDay for yet another super hot deal! This time, a Bluetooth speaker for less than TWO dollars! So like…HappyBidDay totally freiking ROCKS!Jason

June 2013 Reviews

Hello people. I gotts to tell about this penny auction site. Happybidday. You’ll be like (a baby in a candy store) As you can see in the photo, my new MP3 player/camera. Got for only $1.25. WOW. I know. The remote control copter I’m holding, got it for again, only $1.06. Got my web cam that you can’t, but it took this photo. got it for Again only $1.03. Listen, if you like getting nice things for almost nothing. You gotts to check it out. Happybidday people. I’m hooked.Joe

I’ve been with them for several months now and as you can see I’ve won gift cards, and my most recent product win is this Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker. Now, when I get up in the morning I like a great cup of coffee.. Watch this review on YouTube.

my big win this tottaly awesome Dictionary book safe for the low price of $1.06 this was one of my first wins a starter auction happybidday is the best penny auction site I can come across I was totally skeptical at first but now I recommend happy birthday to all my friends you haven’t lived until you feel the thrill of your first won auction.Kristine

My 1st two auction wins. thanks for the super fast shipping!LK



Awesome! I just won a $10 & $15 Walmart gift card and 2 $10 Target gift cards this is awesome! I recommend this to any one who wants to save BIG TIME on gift cards, laptops, TVS, kitchen utilities and more now my whole family is bidding. Thanks HappyBidDay.Com for great offers also here’s a picture of me with my won items! hope people out there win stuff also Good Luck!TekkHD

I won this! Dave B.

HappyBidDay Reviews – May 2013

HappyBidDay Review Another ilive stereo system won. I actually won two last month and this is the second one. Just wanted to post it this month. I must say happy bidday is the best auction site online that I have came across. Easy wins and very affordable prices. Keep bidding and you will win. Here is live proof that its very easy to do. Thanks happy bidday. Orlando C.

HappyBidDay Review My color changing LED light bulb I won for less than $1.50 on HappyBidDay. Really fast shipping too!! Jon B.

HappyBidDay Reviews – April 2013

Bammm! I love HappyBidDay. I’ve won an Ipad Mini FOR LESS THAN 1/2 of the retail price. It just arrived in the mail. Thanks HBD. i I’ve also won a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1, a Logiitec Web Camera, and a Logicitech water proof Key Board. Its only been a week. Jason O.

HappyBidDay My name is Jason J, and this digital camera only cost me $3.12! Can you believe it? A super nice digital camera that sells on other websites for more than $120 cost me just a mere three dollars! Thank you HappyBidDay! Woohoo! – Jason J.


HappyBidDay Review I love HappyBidDay.com. This place is the best site for fair penny autions. Great prices for penny bids and awesome stuff for auction. I have already won close to ten auctions and am having so much fun. Everybody should check this place out. – Lulinia K

HappyBidDay Review – March 2013

HappyBidDay I just won an IPOD Shuffle as well as Amazon gift cards. Can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy the IPOD as it is something I have wanted for a while. A $49 value for $4.21 and $30 gift cards for for less than $4. Thanks again. Mike G.

HappyBidDay AuctionI love happy bid day, not only have I won some wonderful items but it’s so much fun and a great form of entertainment. – Darlene L.


HappyBidDay Review – February 2013

HappyBidDay Review

Yay! Just received My first win received from Happy Bid Day and I won it with free bids! Awesome! Now I’m ready for more. Really love the super fast shipping too! Happy Bid Day you rock!! Hope I get more wins soon! Thank you again! – Melissa B.

HappyBidDay Review – January 2013

Another Happybidday!! I just won this wonderful Syma Remote Controlled Helicopter!! It flies great and has working lights my grandson loves it!! To buy it in the store would cost $129.99 and I paid just $3.00 for the helicopter!! What an amazing savings!! Thank you happybidday for all the great gifts I have been winning! Sally G.


I won this fantastic IPad 3 for my son (shown here) for less than half the retail value. My husband and I gave it to him at Christmas and all he could say was “I’m struck with awe!” Thank you HappyBidDay. FaceTime on this is gonna be awesome when he starts College. Martha L.



Happy Monday and HappyBidDay all!! woke up and won another tablet woohoo 🙂 With the multitude of items I’ve won, even with the investment into purchasing bid packs it is so worth it!! I’ve saved hundreds if not more by using Happy Bid Day. My boyfriend and I Joke that our living room is starting to look like a wedding registry catalog as I have won a ton of household items in the past few weeks its all stuff we or friends desperately needed or wanted so it’s been a huge $$$$$ saver!!! We LOVE Happybidday.com . 🙂Stephanie C.

HappyBidDay Review – December 2012

I just recieved my package yesterday of the robo bank i won for my son for christmas.i think hes really going to like it.thanks happybidday.it was exactly what i expected it to be.it lights up an talks and everything its supose to do.what a great product for my son to learn how to save money.merry christmas happybidday and thanks for all the wonderful products you bring to us to try and win. Sarah

Happy Bid Day Review

I absolutely love Happy BidDay. I have won 7 items in the last 2 weeks. Here’s my new micro digital video camera. Can’t wait to use it!!! This is without a doubt the best penny auction site out there. It’s easy for the new person to win some auctions and the selection of items to bid on is great!!! Thanks Happy BidDay!!! – Alexandra L.

Happy Bid Day Review

This is one of the MANY things: cameras, tablets, gift cards, home entertainment center, ect… i have won on happy bid day!! Its super easy to get started and completely legit! Ive tried other penny auction sites and none compare to this! Thanks happy bid day!! Julie H.

HappyBidDay Review – November 2012

Wow, this only cost me $4.31. This Delonghi Cappuccino/Espresso maker is just 1 of 5 items that I won over a 5 day period. They make it easy for every new person to win. Happy Bid Day is without a doubt the best penny auction site out there. –TheHouse

HappyBidDay Review

I was not sure at all about subscribing to another bidding site to waste time and money to win anything. I took the risk with HappyBidDay and it was WORTH it. I won 14 items in a short time, mostly Amazon gift cards. I bought my son a kitchen toy set with the gift cards I won and it was the best exciting gift ever. Thank you so much for this opportunity and Happy Birthday!A.A.

HappyBidDay Reviews – October 2012

View Johnny’s HappyBidDay Review on YouTube.

HappyBidDay Review – September 2012

HappyBidDay Reviews I was surprised by how easy it was to win this amazon gift card, and for only $ 1.15. I then won a guitar for my grandson. I cannot wait to shop for Christmas presents with the gift card and to try to win more on Happybidday. Thank you for increasing the starter auctions to 5 per person instead of 2 so that newbies like me have a chance at winning. -Leslie

Paul won several coins, tons of gift cards and more on HappyBidDay! View Paul’s HappyBidDay Video review on YouTube.

HappyBidDay Review – August 2012

HappyBidDay ReviewsMy stepdaughter making deep fried oreos with the Presto Deep Fryer I won at HappyBidDay.com. ED


For my first auction I won Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection. I have always loved these movies and have been watching them since I was young. When I saw it on HappyBidDay I had to get it. For a great price i can now watch them whenever I want. Time to bid on something else! IA

HappyBidDay Review – August 2012

I just won two $15 Wal-mart gift cards for less then 7 bucks! happybidday.com paid off for me! will keep bidding and winning thanks happbidday.comJB

HappyBidDay Review – May 2012

Thank you Happy Bidday for having such an awesome auction site! I won these gift cards, and others I’ve already used!NEVERQUITN

HappyBidDay Review – August 2012

For my first auction I won Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection. I have always loved these movies and have been watching them since I was young. When I saw it on HappyBidDay I had to get it. For a great price i can now watch them whenever I want. Time to bid on something else!IA

HappyBidDay Review – July 2012

Im new to happybids but I have already won great stuff at way below the cost love it!!!!!JD

HappyBidDay Review – July 2012

Wow, i just started to get into these penny auctions and was about to give-up and then i found Happy Bidday:) I have won 8 items in the matter of a week and a day. It’s really easy to win here, really. this picture is just a few of my items, and i have about a 3rd of the value of these products invested. thank you happy biddayDS

HappyBidDay Review – June 2012

I love Happybidday!! They have a fantastic selection of products and I have won several auctions. They ship quickly and their customer service is great!!K

HappyBidDay Review – May 2012

These are just a few of the latest items I’ve won on Happy Bidday: Gift cards, Garmin GPS, Kindle, gyro helicopter, and electric grill. Happy Bidday is not only my FAVORITE auction siteWhoDatLady

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