HappyBidDay is Not a Scam

Is HappyBidDay a scam? We’re happy to say, not at all!

The idea that HappyBidDay is a scam is an unfortunate misconception impacting much of the online auction industry. The truth is HappyBidDay is a legitimate entertainment auction business, and is designed to be used for this explicit purpose.

We find the harshest critics are often those who simply misunderstand how bid auctions work. So, we do our best to provide transparent, usable tools to educate our users and encourage them to learn as much as they can.

From signing up for the first time to participating in daily auctions, our users receive easy-to-digest messaging which clearly describes our auctions, how they work, and how to best utilize HappyBidDay.com. Our Terms and Conditions thoroughly describe our pay-to-bid model and we further break down the process in our How It Works section. In our blog and Help sections, we also highlight tips for winning, and encourage new users to participate in our Happy Auctions (free to participate) and Starter Auctions to get practical bidding experience alongside other new users.

In all our communications, we acknowledge there is a strategy to winning. We encourage users to develop their own by reading through our resources before using purchased bids. There is no scam or scheme at work in any capacity.

BBB on Penny Auctions

We’re not the only ones preaching about auction education. The Better Business Bureau also backs this up. On their website, the BBB instructs consumers to read the fine print (like Terms and Conditions), to know what they’re buying, and to verify delivery dates for won products. But above all, they encourage consumers to research penny auctions before bidding, warning that, ‘Not all penny auctions are created equal.’ Because sadly, they’re not.

Some bid auction sites have unfortunately tarnished the industry’s reputation by using unscrupulous tactics that warrant consumer concern; there are penny auction scams out there. However, HappyBidDay is not one of them. In fact, HappyBidDay holds an ‘A’ rating with the BBB and proudly boasts a great reputation for customer service. Click here to read user reviews.

Other Claims about Auction ‘Scams’

Aside from misinformation on the bid auction format, the idea is also sometimes propelled by erroneous claims that auction sites utilize technology to ‘cheat’ users. Some of these claims accuse companies of cheating users out of wins, manipulating auction timers, and bid shilling to drive up prices.

HappyBidDay never manipulates any aspect of any auction that could in any way inhibit the user experience and we do not use bots or shills. We also prohibit employee’s and family members from bidding on HappyBidDay. HappyBidDay auctions are live and fast-paced and because internet connection speeds vary, there can be variance in the relay of information. However, we provide a platform for fair and honest bidding.

HappyBidDay strives to provide an entertaining shopping and auction experience, while helping our customers save money on new, brand-name merchandise. We hope we’ve lived up to these expectations and want to hear from you. How are we doing?


HappyBidDay is Not a Scam — 3 Comments

  1. I won one of the auctions I bid on, but have not received it to date. The auction was on 3/28/13. Can you advise on this auction. Sinerely, Paul Kennedy

    • Hi Paul. We always try to ship products as quickly as possible. If you contact Customer Support (support@happybidday.com) someone will gladly help you find out when you can expect delivery. Thanks for reaching out!

  2. its not a scam they make the money and then some just on the bids alone. I don’t quit agree with the shipping fees considering other sites are free or a flat rate.

    the first think I won was ice cream maker under $5 , then a black and decker drill bit variety $ , Then the spice dispenser, ipod nano, PSvita under $12 many moes

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